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How to Combat Self-Doubt and Blog Comparison

The Comparison Game: How to Combat Blogging Comparison

I've been having a little trouble recently with comparing ourselves to others. It's a hole most of us fall into at one point or another. It's easy to feel down seeing others' super fabulous lives online when ours aren't so sparkly. I've been comparing myself to other bloggers, and thought I'd share some advice on how to combat it.

I sometimes worry I'm not great at blogging. I fear I'm doing something wrong or I'm missing something. Jo's Scribbles is a small blog, with a handful of readers. I am so grateful to those who follow me on Bloglovin', via email or my newsletter. It's awesome to know people are reading my words. But sometimes it's hard not to worry if anyone is listening.

It's self-doubt and comparison. Looking at the bloggers I admire and seeing their comments and interactions on Twitter. They have an audience. I'm still a tiny fish in a big pond, and though I'm not too bothered about numbers and stats, I worry about not being seen. Am I doing this all for nothing? Is Jo's Scribbles just not good enough?

I have to battle through the self-doubt and the comparing. So I made a list of my achievements and blogging highlights to encourage myself to keep going.
  • I have been a book blogger for seven years and run YA and fantasy book blog Once Upon a Bookcase. It's a different kind of blogging in some respects, but it's proof that I can do this. I am capable of cultivating a blog that reflects me and my interests and keeping it going for several years. Of working well with publishers. Of finding a way of blogging that works for me. Of creating interesting content and building a blog that people want to read.
  • As a Journalism graduate, writing is one of my strengths. Although I have an informal writing style and voice, I've honed my craft over years. This is something I'm good at. I know this because of the opportunities that have come my way because of my work at Once Upon a Bookcase. Publishers have printed quotes from my reviews in 20 books, with the latest making it to the back cover. I was a panelist on book blogging and a media partner of the Children's Innovation Theatre at LBF 2013.
  • Once Upon a Bookcase has had several achievements. It was Cision's Top Ten Teen Literature blogs in 2010 and 2012. In the UKYA Blogger Awards 2015 it was shortlisted for the Champion of YA award. And this year, Jo's Scribbles was voted for by at least one of my peers in the Blogger's Blog Awards.
This isn't about blowing my own trumpet, but reminding myself that I do know what I'm doing. That I have had success in blogging before.

It's important to remember that as hard as it may be not to compare yourself to other bloggers, it's moot. There's just no point. No-one's blog is quite like anyone else's. We all have different voices, different priorities, different passions. My blog isn't going to be like anyone else's. Nor is yours.
I could work on capitalising Twitter more. But I know that it takes time to build up a readership and won't happen over night. I've got to trust that if I keep working on Jo's Scribbles and do me, the readers will come.

Next time you're struggling with blogging comparison, think about your achievements and blogging highlights. See if that gets you feeling more positive about your little corner of the internet.
How has comparing your blog to others affected you? What have you found has helped you combat blog comparison?

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