Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Twenty Facts About Me

Earlier this month Hannah Billie Bailey of Her Guide to Life wrote a great post, 23 Painfully Honest and Not Always Pretty Facts About Me. I loved how honest and personal Hannah was, but also how she included interesting every day things we might not know about her. I was inspired by Hannah to write my own post to share some interesting (hopefully!), odd, quirky, embarrassing facts about me!


1 My favourite film is The Notebook. Part of me finds this really annoying, because it makes me feel like a cliché, but it's so beautiful. When I first saw it, I really hoped it was based on a true story. I cry every time I see it.

2. However, I do not like The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, the book the movie was based on, at all. I found it really boring.

3. Speaking of movies, I have not seen Titanic all the way through since I was 16, when I put it on so I had an excuse to be crying if my Mum came in and saw me, when really I was crying about a guy. I was crying before Rose and Jack even met. Now, just thinking about the movie leaves me embarrassed.

4. I've been scared of dogs ever since my aunt's alsatian clawed me when I was two. I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be - as a child, I would start crying whenever I passed a dog on the street, and another aunt used to have to shut her dogs out of the room when I came over - but when visiting people who have excitable dogs, I will freeze in fear when they start jumping up at me. I don't know anyone with a big excitable dog, so I don't know what I would do with a huge dog jumping at me - but I am visiting family for Christmas, and they've just got an alsatian. I am ever so slightly terrified.

5. I am an incredibly fussy eater, and I drive myself mad, because I get bored of eating the same things. I don't like pasta, rice, most vegetables, sauces, herbs or spices. Food has to be plain. I normally eat meat with potatoes in someway, shape or form. When it comes to going out to eat, I always feel bad for making things difficult, because I can't go out for a Chinese or an Indian. I am a nightmare.

6. When it comes to my body, I love my bum, waist, hips and belly. I quite like my lips and eyes. I love my colouring; I think ginger hair against pale skin just looks so cool, and although I can get grief from idiots on the street for it, I feel quite lucky. I'm not as much of a fan of my arms, knees, or feet, but I no longer hate any part of my body.

7. I hardly ever wear make-up. If there is a celebration - a party, a wedding, a celebratory meal - which involves getting dressed up, the make-up will come out, but otherwise, I don't really bother. I don't have the inclination; I don't really see the point. I'm not the kind of person who uses make-up as a form of self-expression, nor do I feel the need to cover up my face, as I don't dislike it. Since I've been using Bumble, I've been thinking about make-up and dates, and I have worn a little make-up for my self-confidence, but in general I'm thinking I don't need to, because I simply don't wear it. I don't use fake tan, either.

8. In my late teens, I went through what my mum likes to call my "goth phase". I never thought of myself as a goth, and never wore gothic make-up, but I did own a lot of black clothing that featured skulls and roses, a mini-kilt and a pair of jeans that came with splits held together by giant safety pins. I also wore chokers, razor blade bracelet, a coffin necklace, and earrings with lightning bolts going through skulls. And I dyed my hair black.

9. I doubt I will ever dye my hair completely again. Not only do I love being ginger, but having ginger roots is a terrible, terrible look. Never again.

10. I love fish. I think they're beautiful, and so calming. I will have a fish tank full of fish one day, like my uncle used to. He actually "gave" me a fish when I was young; he bought three goldfish to feed to his oscar fish, and asked me if I wanted him to keep one for me, and I said yes. I named it Goldie, and he kept it in his other fish tank. Although I didn't see it often, I loved that fish, and when it died when I war around 8, it broke my heart. We burried it in my grandma's back garden, where all the family pets were burried (they had a lot of pets over the years).

11. I'm no expert, but I kind of like art. I love the pre-raphelite paintings, especially Lady Lilith by Gabriel Dante Rossetti, and I'm really interested in most art that focuses on myths or folklore. I also really like Georgia O'Keeffe, especially Morning Glory with Black. I'm not into modern art, though, and can't stand the Tate Modern.

12. My first ever crush was on either Joey from Blossom or Stephen Gately from Boyzone. I can't remember who exactly I fancied first, but I thought both were gorgeous.

13. I'm knock-kneed. For a lot of my younger years, I thought I was double-jointed because I could sit in certain positions other people couldn't, and I could twist my leg around. But it turns out I'm just knock-kneed - instead of my knees being in the middle of my legs, they're more towards the inside of my legs, facing each other, almost - close enough that they do sometimes knock as I walk. People laugh when I run, because instead of my legs going straight behind me, my right leg will go behind me to the right and my left leg behind me to the left.

14. I have a very odd laugh. It has been described as sounding like a seagull, a witch and a crow. And my sense of humour is such that I find stupid things really funny, so there are occassions where once I start, I just can't stop laughing. It can last for minutes, with tears streaming down my face - once you, and I, think I'm done, another wave hits me. I've been told it can be quite annoying.

15. I believe in Father Christmas. Not that there's this guy in a red suit that comes to kids' houses every Christmas Eve to deliver presents, but the magic, spirit and joy of Christmas that he represents. I can't really explain it, I just do.

16. I do not buy designer clothes. Mainly, it's because I tend not to like them, but I also will not spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes. On principle. I just won't. They don't need to cost so much, I don't care what name they have on them. I have better things to spend my money on.

17. I love a good tragic story, whether it's a book, a movie, or a play. I love the Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid, where she kills herself in the end, and in Les Misérables, I'm most interested in Eponine's storyline. If it's something tragic, sad, and will really make me cry, I'll lap it up.

18. You know how when you were at school, and everyone talked about their big dreams of what they wanted to be when they were older? A doctor, an actor, a forensic pathologist, a teacher? For as far back as I can remember, my biggest dream was, and is, to be a mum. To have my own family to care for, look after, and cherish.

19. My biggest fear is that I'll discover I can't have children. As things stand, there's nothing happening with my body that backs up this fear. However, when I was younger and having health issues due to being underweight, before it was discovered that I have a high metabolism, my paediatrician tried to frighten me into admitting I was anorexic (which I wasn't) by telling me people with anorexia can have difficulty having children. Those words have stuck with me, and I've played the "what if" game. Although I've never been anorexic, what if being underweight for so long means my body isn't good enough to conceive? My periods never stopped, but what if damage was done anyway? I'm pretty sure if there was any reason to believe my body wouldn't work the way it should, my doctors would have told me and done something about it, so this is an irrational fear. But it's there.

20. I have a few really good, close friends who I have strong bonds with, but none of them live in London. There are people I know through blogging who I have tried to build stronger friendships with, but you can't force something like that. So, outside spending time with my family, I don't really have much of a social life. I'm trying to remedy this by using Hey! Vina (a mobile app similar to a dating app, but for friendship), which I discovered through Cattitude & Co. Hopefully I'll have more people to hang out with soon.

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  1. I love this post so much, Jo! I'm such a nosy parker so it's great to hear all of these things about you. Eponine's is my favourite story in Les Mis too (I'm a sucker for unrequited love) and I also have a super strange laugh so imagine us cackling together?!

    1. Thank you! I LOVE unrequited love! That sounds so awful, but it's just so tragic and wonderful!

      Oh my god, we would cause so many heads to turn with our laughing :D Ooh, and speaking of cackling, I did so yesterday on a first date, and the momentarily surprised look on my date's face was really something, haha! I had a flicker of worry that it would put him off, but it didn't seem to, fortunately!