Monday, 14 November 2016

What's Kept Me Smiling #2

This post is a day late, as I was a little busy yesterday. But I think it's ok really, because last week just be forgotten about, right? Not that we'll be able to. Anyway! Here's what kept me smiling this week!

Cat in Glasses

Ed Balls on Strictly Come Dancing

Earlier this week, Suzy of From the Fringe wrote a great post, In Defence of the Cute (which is absolutely why I chose the photo above, because how could I not?!). In the same way that gifs of cute animals bring some light to her life, Ed Balls doing the Salsa to Gangnum Style on Strictly yesterday brought some light for me to this terrible week. Normally, I despair at Ed Balls' dancing - I love how he goes for it, he tries, he's not inhibited, but he's not the best dancer by any means. But yesterday, I fully enjoyed watching Ed dance. It was brilliant, and exactly what I needed. And if you need it too, you can see it here.

Matching Underwear

I am an underwear fiend. I really struggle to walk past underwear in certain shops without having at least a look. More often than not, I will buy something. However, I have all this beautiful, gorgeous underwear, but because it's lacy and embroidered, the bras tend to look lumpy under my tops, I don't wear matching underwear very often. But I've found a top that will let me! And I get to wear matching underwear, and feel amazing! There is nothing quite like knowing how good you look underneath your clothes, even if you're wearing something plain and normal on top. No-one else knows, but it makes me feel awesome!

Lovely Packaged Books

As a book blogger, I get sent books to review from publishers. Sometimes, they go that extra mile to package books in such a cool way! Here is how my most recent arrival was wrapped:

Lovely Packaged Book

Isn't it awesome?! I love opening a parcel and getting such a gorgeous surprise! (And how can you not look at that and not think of Julie Andrews singing, "Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things"?) Other examples of wrapped books can be seen here, here, and here.

Christmas Lights

I have a feeling there may be a slightly Christmassy feel to these posts for the next few weeks. Yesterday I saw my first proper Christmas lights! There are some near where I work, but they're just fairy lights made into balls, and although they're pretty, they're up year round, just not on. The lights from yesterday, however, were such a lovely surprise as my bus went round a corner. Snowflakes and Christmas baubles! And they were so pretty! They woke up the little girl in me for a moment, and I just stared with a grin on my face, full of wonder at how beautiful they were, and made me feel nostalgic for my childhood Christmas Eve tradition of driving around Central London to see the Christmas lights.

Cubicle Door Graffiti

I'm not really into people writing crap over toilet doors. I find it disrespectful and childish (and why isn't the pub cleaning it's toilets? Why?!). However, there was some graffiti on my cubicle door yesterday that was just so awesome! I did take a photo, but it's not the clearest because it had faded, but it read:

Your words matter
Your thoughts matter
Your heart matters
Your life matters

Because every single
breathing moving giving
has an impact on the
world and
you decide

Isn't that just beautiful? To think someone wrote that, knowing that countless strangers would see their words, and maybe it would help someone... that's just lovely and wonderful, and I was so moved by it.

A Really Awesome First Date Yesterday

And that is all that I'm going to say on the matter, as I don't think it's fair to discuss dates without the guy's permission, so. I'm just pretty smiley right now.

How about you guys? What made you smile this week?

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