Friday, 20 January 2017

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #8

As you'll remember from my first What Kept Me Smiling post, these posts have been inspired by the love Suzy of From the Fringe's Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week posts. Because her posts are such a hit, a few others - including myself - started doing their own. Because of this little community that's been created, I decided to shift my posts to Friday, when Suzy posts her, and use her original title. Suzy has also decided to make it a weekly link-up (she's given me the credit for this, but she's slightly fibbing, as when I suggested it, she said she was already thinking about it - so it was her idea first! But thank you for mentioning me, anyway, Suzy!) so we can all share our posts with each other. If you've been enjoying these posts, you should definitely check out Suzy's if you're not already, and maybe write your own and add it to her link-up! Let's all feel grateful together!

a baby's feet

Watching Something Grow (At Some Point)

Earlier this week I bought The Mini Bonsai Kit from work, a small little box with everything you need in it to grow a Bonsai tree. I saw it, and I immediately wanted one. I'm not particularly green-fingered, but I've loved seeing the photos Fiona posts on Instagram of her little Groot and seeing it grow. So, as I think Bonsai trees are beautiful, and everything I need is in this kit, I thought I would give it a go! It's actually going to be a lot more complicated than I thought (there's an art to Bonsai trees, but I do not like the idea of weighing down branches and trying to force the tree to grow in a particular shape, so I'm not going there - but the seeds need to be soaked for 24 hours and refrigerated for seven days, so it's not just plant and go.), but I'm still liking the thought of nurturing something from seed to tree, and seeing something beautiful come out of my care. I'm strangely excited!

The Blue and the Warmth

The sun and the sky have returned! There's still an icy chill in the air, of course, but over the last few days, there have been moments where the sky is free of clouds, and it's just an expanse of that bright, perfect blue. And the sun! The sun has warmth to it again! Not enough to chase away the iciness, but enough to feel a difference as you step from shade to light. I'm the kind of person who really feels the cold, and Summer always seems like something mythical, something so far away, will it ever get here? - despite living through 29 Summers. So I absolutely revelled in the warmth of the sun as it shone on me; a little hint, a little reminder of what's to come in a few months time.

Observing Lasting Love

Ok, so this isn't something that happened to me, something in my, just something I saw. I was on the way to work on the bus yesterday when, looking out the window, I noticed an elderly couple walking down Oxford Street holding hands. and it was just so heart-warming to see. I don't know these people, but you can't help making assumptions, and I just assumed, given their age, that they had been together for such a long time, and their love is still so strong that they walk down the street together, holding hands. You do sometimes see younger couples holding hands, and that's lovely, too, but it's the idea that after all this time, they still want to hold hands, that really gets me. Of course, this could just be a budding romance, who knows? But I like the thought that for some people, love just grows and builds and lasts, you know? Again, I'm just making assumptions, but seeing that? I think I saw happiness. Not only did it warm my heart, but it made me hopeful.

Reading, Reading, Reading

I mentioned earlier in the month that I wasn't enjoying reading for the sake of reading any more, and it was one of my goals to fall back in love with it. Well, it has happened! I read two books this week - both of which were diverse books, but both I picked up to read because of how good they sounded, and they were from a genre I was in the mood for. Two contemporary YAs, one a romance; A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard and Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom, and my god, they were both brilliant! I absolutely loved them, and felt that excitement that comes with reading a really good book. I'm just so happy to have fallen back in love with reading again, and get some real enjoyment out of it. Those books meant several joy-filled days.

The Best News

Yesterday, I received a text from my best mate, saying, "I'm going to send you a photo. See what  you think." Then into WhatsApp a photo appeared, along with a winky face. The photo appeared blurred at first, before I properly downloaded it, and I thought he was being mean and sent me a photo of a spider to scare me - so seemed the weird shape I couldn't quite make out, and that winky face, well. He was quite possibly taking the mick. But I tapped the photo, and after a second, it became clear. It was a photo of a printed ultrasound scan (so not a spider, then). My best mate is going to have another baby!!! A completely surprise, as I didn't know he and his girlfriend were thinking about having another, let alone planning to have one, but just the most awesome news! I am so excited and so happy for them both!

I got in a bit of a spin for a few minutes, worrying about what I would call this one. A few days after he told me he was expecting his first child, I automatically started thinking of her as Minnie - he is my best mate, the baby would be his mini-me, so that would make the baby my mini-bestie - so Minnie. But now there's another, and, of course, this one is automatically my mini-bestie, too, and I can't give one a nickname related to the fact that she is my mini-bestie, and not the other. What would I call this one?! But when I remembered that before my best mate knew whether Minnie would be a boy or a girl, I decided if she was a boy, I would call her Max, because of minimum and maximum (a strange kind of logic, but this is who I am), so I decided! This one is Maxy/i (as Maxy/i can be a unisex name, as women called Maxine get their names shortened to Max or Maxi). So Minnie and Maxy/i! Eeee! I'd just like to point out that I gave both these babies nicknames before they even had real names. This is a bit of a ramble, I'm sorry, but I am excited!

So these are the things that have made me happy this week! What about you guys? Will you be taking part in Suzy's link-up? If so, I look forward to reading your posts!


  1. Ahhh Jo! This is SUCH a great list, thank you for linking up with me.

    I too have been delighted about the return of the sunshine; the effect it has on my mood is incredible! I get that feeling too of becoming hopeful that there will be a summer again (in January, I feel like I'm never going to be warm again haha).

    Good luck with the bonsai tree, I hope to see photos of it developing! I am tragic with plants and my bonsai tree is looking very sparse at the moment, oops.

    Such lovely news about your friend! It's so nice to share in other people's joy like that :)

    Glad you've had a good week darling! xx

    1. Doesn't the cold weather just suck? I'm so glad there has been a spattering of sunlight. I was out in it again today, and it wasn't even that cold! Warmer is on it's way, I think! :)

      I've not started with my bonsai tree yet, as it sayd to start in Spring, so I'm waiting. I don't want to kill it before I even really get started because it's too cold, haha! I don't think I'm great with plants, but fingers crossed it will go well with this one :)

      Yesss, it's the best news! I'm so happy I'll be getting a new mini-bestie! :)

      Thanks for commenting, Suzy!