Friday, 3 February 2017

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #10

I have had a pretty good week this week! Really, it's been great! Not everything has been perfect, but I've enjoyed things anyway! Here's what's made my week pretty awesome!


Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week is a weekly link-up hosted by Suzy of From the Fringe, where we share the things we've been grateful for over the last five days.

An Evening to Myself

Last Friday, my mum and dad went out to the theatre, and my brother went out with his friends. I had the house to myself to do as I pleased, and I got some writing done, and spent the rest of the evening wrapped in a blanket, with tea, biscuits and a book! It was so great! It may not sound like much, but on my days off, there's normally a few TV programmes to catch up on, and Mum has waited to watch them until I was off, so I can't really say I have other things to do. So, it was nice to have a night to do the things I wanted.

Talking Books

I know I've mentioned a few times before how the best part of my job is recommending books to customers who are really engaged, and want to make use of my knowledge. But what's even better? When customer will actually have a conversation with me about books. I stop being a bookseller, and become a reader, talking with another reader about the books we like, and telling each other about books the other may like based on what either of us have previously read - so I get books recommended to me, too! It's amazing! I do really, really love it.

A Productive Day

On Tuesday, I was on fire! Seriously, I wrote four posts for my book blog Once Upon a Bookcase, and it just felt so good to be so motivated and so productive! I'm really loving the direction my book blog is taking at the moment, I really am. Things are changing this year, and I'm finding I'm having more ideas for content, rather than just book reviews (which has been all I've done for quite a long while, sadly.), so I'm really happy I had such a productive writing day!

Trying Something Different

You may remember that one of the things I wanted to do in 2017 was to try more food. Well, I did just that on Wednesday. I dug out a recipe card and tried my hand at Creamy Chicken & Mushroom. And it was really enjoyable to buy the ingredients, and cook a meal from scratch. It tasted disgusting and had the consistency of vomit, but it was fun cooking it! Hahaha!

The Phantom of the Opera poster with the book RoseBlood by A.G. Howard

An Afternoon at the Theatre

One of my Christmas presents last year was tickets to see The Phantom of the Opera, and yesterday was the day! I've wanted to see The Phantom of the Opera for so long, so it was awesome to fianlly see it, and hear some of those iconic songs performed live - and spent the day out with Mum. I enjoyed the musical itself, but it might have been better if I knew the story beforehand, because I was lost throughout most of the Act Two, due to not being able to hear the lyrics. I didn't even know it had ended until everyone else started clapping. Bit awkward. But I had a great day!

So that's my week! How has your week been? Do write your own post, and link it up in Suzy's post!


  1. Oh my goodness, I totally thought you were going to say that you'd had a food revelation so I was really hilariously surprised when you were like NOPE. Haha! Oh well, at least you tried! There's nothing better than having an animated conversation with somebody on a topic you're both passionate about - it leaves you feeling really fired up doesn't it! Also, great news that you're feeling so productive on the book blog!! :) xx

    1. No, sadly, no food revelation! :( But I'm hoping I will at some point! Glad it made you laugh!

      It does! I love having enthusiasticly passionate conversations with people, it's just wonderful!

      Thanks for stopping by, Suzy!