Friday, 17 February 2017

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #12

Another not so great week this week. Last week was a migraine, this week is a cold. But instead of slowly progressing to feeling pretty awful over a few days, it hit me all at once on Wednesday. Thankfully I felt a lot better yesterday, so I'm hoping that means it's already on it's way out. But still, there have been some cool moments over the last seven days.


Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week is a weekly link-up hosted by Suzy of From the Fringe, where we share the things we've been grateful for over the last five days.

A Girlie Weekend

Last weekend, my dad had a trip aborad with work and my brother went to visit our cousin, so it was just Mum and I for a couple of days, and it was great! We had take away, stocked up on sweets and treats and spent our evenings watching movies together. I've mentioned before how close Mum and I are, like friends as well as mother and daughter, and I've loved spending this quality time with her, just the two of us. It was really lovely.

Painting My Nails

It might have started warming up a bit this week, but for the most part, it's still been cloudy and overcast. All that grey, it gets me down. I decided to insert a little bit of colour into my life, and painted my toe nails in a lovely, bright turquoise colour. I can't help but feel a little bit happier every time I see them. I'll be painting my fingernails over this weekend as I'm on annual leave now (yay!), and there's no shelving to damage my manicure!

Buying Some Flowers

Speaking of bringing some colour to my life... Suzy mentioned in one of her posts a few weeks back that she bought herself some daffodils. Inspired by her, I bought some for myself two weeks back, and this week, I bought some tulips! I've always wanted tulips, to see how they look when the buds open, but they've always seemed like a luxury flower to me, how they're so tall and elegant - the kind of flowers you buy someone else, not yourself. But then I remembered a post from Kathy of I am Kathy B, To The Woman Who Wouldn't Buy Herself Flowers, and I decided, sod it, and bought some. They're gorgeous! I love the green, the pink and the white of them. How the petals look like they've been handpainted in watercolours. How proud they seem. I'm so glad I bought them!

Reading An Awesome Book

Yeah, I know, books again. But books are a huge part of my life - I'm a book blogger and a bookseller - and they're one of my passions.

One of my favourite authors, Laini Taylor, has her new book, Strange the Dreamer, coming out in March, and I'm lucky enough to have a proof. I've started reading it, and oh my god! This lady can weave words like no-one else. She completely captures my imagination, and she runs with it. Her books are the kind that make me want to do nothing else but read. Lazlo Strange and his story have put me under thir spell, and I am always so eager and so excited to get back to it. You know that feeling when you have when you recommend a great book to a friend, and feel a little jealous that they get to experience the book for the first time, but you can't do that again? Well, Taylor's books are the kind you absolutely revel in your first reading of. Her books are like a gift. I am loving this book!


It may not be the healthiest drink, but whenever I have a cold, I swear by it. I take cold medication, too, but Lucozade - and the sugar in it, I guess - gives me that extra little boost that helps me get through the day. And on Wednesday, it really was needed. It was a hellish day, and though Lucozade didn't make me feel completely fine, it really did help - because I missed it once it was gone!

So that's been my week! How has your week been? Have you written a Five Things post? I'd love to read it!

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