Friday, 24 February 2017

Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week #13

The past seven days have really flown by, but not in a good way. But they have been a really great seven days; nice, slow, easy days. Here's what's made me happy this week.

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Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week is a weekly link-up hosted by Suzy of From the Fringe, where we share the things we've been grateful for over the last five days.

Ten Days Off

I'm currently on annual leave! For no real reason other than I wanted a break, and had holiday to use. I've still got another few days before I head back to work on Monday (hence why this week going by too quickly is a bad thing!), but it's been so great to relax and not have to do anything for several days in a row. It really has been wonderful. A few lie ins, days spent reading, movie watching... it's been glorious!

Doing a Nice Thing

My brother started a new job this week, back into the field he loves most, which he has his degree in - IT. The company he works for is based in Oxford, though in general he'll be working with a client here in London, but he has to spend his first two weeks at head office. He's been away before, but always with people - with some of our cousins and/or friends - so this was the first time he'd be away for quite a stretch on his own. He was feeling a little down about it, on top of feeling nervous about starting a new job, so I bought him a congrats/well done card to make him smile. It's a small thing, and not really something my brother would be all that bothered about, and it wasn't going to change anything, but it's the thought, you know? So on Sunday, just before he left to travel up to Oxford, I gave him his card, and it did make him smile! "What did you do this for?" He asked with a silly smile on his face, half appreciative, half amused in a "Jo is a silly sod," kind of way. But I know he did like it, and it made him a little happy, which is what I was aiming for. He left knowing his big sister was thinking of him, and that was the point.

A Trip to the Cinema

On Tuesday, Mum and I went to see Hacksaw Ridge, and oh my god, it was so good! So moving! It was a lot more gruesome than I expected, but in a good way - it's all effects, but it showed just how violent and horrific wars are. It was pretty loud, too, which was really effective, as it made out seats vibrate, so it felt like we were actually there. I spent pretty much the whole time watching the battle scenes with my face in my hands, because it was just so relentless and shocking and a waste of life. But Desmond Doss... wow, that man is incredible. How he wanted to play his part in the war, but by trying to save lives, and how he stuck by his convictions of not shooting anything at anyone. And then his mental strength to save so many lives, helped by his faith. Seriously, you need to see this movie. It's not your usual war film, which I don't tend to be a fan of, but more emotional. Desmond Doss is awe-inspiring. It's been on my mind ever since.

A Haircut

I am not one of those people who likes getting their hair cut. Or rather, I used to, until two years ago my hairdresser - my aunt - decided she wasn't going to be cutting hair anymore. My aunt hasn't been a working hairdresser since I was a child, but she would still cut her family's hair. Until two years ago, she was the only person to ever put a pair of scissors to my hair, and so having to go to someone else... I do find it scary. What if they don't understand what I want? What if they cut it wrong? I'm not brilliant at being able to describe what I'd like, but my aunt always understood. Now I worry I'm not going to get it across. But it wasn't so bad this time. "I want it cut to my shoulders with long layers, please." Not too difficult to understand, really. It's pretty clear. And my hair looks so much better! I tend to leave my hair for as long as I can without getting it cut, and so it ends up not looking so great, getting dry and damaged, but now all that has gone, my hair looks healthy and sleek again! And two hairdressers complimented me on my hair colour, which was lovely. I'm really loving my hair!

Witnessing Kindness

While I was at the hairdressers, I saw something wonderful. The elderly lady who was getting her hair cut before me is a regular to the salon, and she stayed a little while after she was done to wait for some shops to reopen after lunch. When my hairdresser had finished conditioning my hair, she said she'd leave it in for two minutes, and during that time, three members of staff went round the back, and came out with a cake with a candle and a bunch of flowers. They came back round the front and presented them to the elderly lady, singing Happy Birthday. It was just so lovely! I couldn't see the woman from where I was seated, but I could hear that she was so happy. It was so lovely that they thought of her on her birthday, and did this nice thing for someone who was, really, just a customer. She stayed for my whole haircut, sitting by the windows with her flowers in a vase, eating some cake they cut for her, and chatting with my hairdresser and me. It was just so beautiful. This woman was already a regular, it wasn't an incentive to draw her back in, it was just kindness. Care and kindness. And it was lovely.

So that's been my week, how has yours been? I've you've written a five things post, let me know and I'll go have a gander!

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  1. Ahhh your ten days off must have been absolutely GLORIOUS. I'm so jealous!! Glad you've had time to relax and regroup, it makes you feel so much fresher doesn't it?

    So glad your brother appreciated the card. Little gestures like that are so lovely just to let somebody know that you're thinking of them. I hope he's gotten on okay this week!

    Oh the story about the old lady in the hairdressers is so delightful!! That's so sweet of them to do that for her. And I bet they enjoyed seeing the smile on her face too so it works both ways. Also lovely that you got to be part of it as well since you were there haha!!

    Sounds like a really lovely week, darling. I'm glad :) Xx

    1. Oh, they were! It was so wonderful to just relax and do whatever I liked! It does, I feel much less stressed now - though it's always a bit of a downer going back to work after such a long time off. Never mind!

      My brother is doing well, though he's not enjoying where he's staying, so he came home for the weekend. But he likes his new job, and has had great feedback, so it's all good! :)

      Oh, it was the sweetest thing! Just so lovely. And you're right, they did like making her happy. It's amazing how good doing nice/good things can feel!

      Thanks, Suzy!