Thursday, 10 March 2016

Finding a Safe Space

Finding a Safe Space

I wanted to update you guys with something that has been happening lately. I’ve become a Team Member of Safe Space, a blog for young women talking about the various issues we face, personally and in society. It’s a blog that is very feminist, with focuses on mental health, body image, sex and relationships, and life in general. It’s a place for real honesty, and a place where judgement is not allowed.

Safe Space has been huge for me. There are eight of us on the team who are also book bloggers, and so we all bring our own followers and friends to Safe Space. I reach more people at Safe Space than I do at this blog, and I think the knowledge that people quite a few people will be reading what I write has inspired me to come up with so many ideas of things to write about. I write for Jo’s Scribbles with the idea that it doesn’t matter how few people read, if what I write reaches one person and they find it entertaining or helpful, then that’s good enough. But the larger audience, and having seven other ladies to bounce ideas off of, has led to ideas a-plenty.

With the ideas has come passion and a new love of writing. I never lost my love for it, but now I’m writing more often, I’m constantly excited at the prospect of writing a new post. And the feedback I’ve received for my posts so far – Hair Today - And Probably For Good, a post on shaving and body hair, and Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee!, a post on pressure on teen girls to have sex, the expectations surround sexual experience, and why I’m still a virgin – have given me so much confidence in not only my writing but in the things I have to say. It’s reaffirmed that writing is something I need in my life; it gives me joy and a sense of purpose, and the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I might help or inspire someone with my words. That’s such a wonderful feeling. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to turn my writing into a career, but I’m definitely looking to getting my writing out to other audiences. Nothing is happening just yet, but I am looking into it. There are a few publications/websites I really like the look of, but I want to get to know them and their style better.

As well as all that, I feel like I’ve found a really great group of friends in those on the Safe Space team. As well as discussing our upcoming posts, we’ve also begun to turn to each other for support and encouragement when we’re having off days. They’re some of the kindest ladies I’ve ever come across, and some of the most inspiring too. I’m amazed that I’m working with them, and completely bowled over by how quickly we’ve come to trust each other. We’re still getting to know each other, but I do believe Jess, Rachel, Emma, Laura, Faye, Joy and Debbie will all help me to grow as a person. They open my eyes, give me a different perspective, or help me understand things better, and I’m so very grateful that they’ve welcomed me into their group.

What does this all mean for Jo’s Journal? At the most basic, more posts, more often. In more detail, a slight change in direction. Most of my previous posts have been on serious topics or topics I feel very strongly about, and while those posts are still very important, there are other things I can and want to talk about, too. I’ve been inspired by my fellow team members andby the new websites I’ve been reading. And also by Gracie, who runs Almost Amazing Grace, who is not just incredibly inspiring by how she has been dealing with fighting a brain tumour, which she talks about in detail on her blog, but also by how she’s grabbing life by the horns, taking advantage of every opportunity that that’s offered her, and is having fun along the way. (Ok, so I’m inspired by her for more than just her incredible blog, but she is just a fantastic lady, and you should definitely give it a read and follow her everywhere.) And the inspiration has led to ideas for blog posts that don’t fit in with what I’ve posted before. So I guess Jo’s Scribbles is going to become more of a lifestyle blog. I hope you, dear readers, will still join me for the ride.

It’s my birthday next week, and I have a really cool post planned for it – though this one will be in a similar vein as to what you’re used to. I do hope you come back for it, enjoy my future posts, and will pop on over to Safe Space to read all the incredible posts by our incredible team.

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