Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

I've had a list of things I'd like to do before I die saved to a draft email for quite some time now, but haven't done anything with it. But having had my birthday a couple of days ago (a reminder of getting older), struggling because my Nan wasn't here for it (a reminder of how life is short), and seeing the movie How to Be Single, a fantastic movie about figuring out who you are on your own and doing all those things you want to but can't exactly do when in a relationship, I got to thinking that maybe I should actually try and do something with this list of mine. And what better way to try and make sure I do these things than posting it here, where other people can see it?

I'm not giving myself a time limit. I'm not saying these things have to be done by a certain age. There just here, to be completed in my lifetime. Some of these things are more acheivable than others, so I'm splitting my list into two; those things that are acheivable, and those that are unlikely to happen.


Meet Minnie - Minnie is my best mate's daughter. She's almosy two years old, but I've yet to meet her, because they live in Belfast. I have tried several times to arrange to go over there and see my mini-besties (hence the nickname "Minnie"), but it's been difficult for my best mate and I to get annual leave from work at the same time, and sometimes there are money issues. I hate that I've yet to meet super important girlie, and I really need to get this sorted. So that's the first item on the list - small and simple, and very doable.

To watch the sun rise from somewhere beautiful - Get up early enough, and you can watch the sun rise from anywhere, but I want it to be from somewhere incredible, with breathtaking views. I don't know where yet; this is more one that I'll tick off once it happens, rather than something I can actually plan for.

To have my own library - One day, I'll have a library. I'll have a room in a future home that is only for books. Possibly reading. My bedroom is pretty much a mini-library, what with my four tall bookcases and one short one, but I want a room. With bookcases that aren't double-stacked, so I can see every book.

To have my own family, and be a stay-at-home mum - this is kind of semi-acheivable. I can have children and a family, but being a stay-at-home mum will depend on our circumstances and financial situation. But this is pretty much my dream. More on this in a future post.

Learn British Sign Language. Take a first aid course. Any other course that is helpful/useful - There was a customer at work the other day who was deaf, and although in the end we - me and my colleagues - were able to work out what he wanted, it wasn't easy, and I'm sure the customer was frustrated. If one of us knew sign language, that would have been a much easier and quicker situation for every one. Also, I was inspired by Alexandra Franzen's post Not In My Presence, about a man who decided to learn CPR because his brother died of a heart attack (read the post, it's incredible). I also want to be able to help if such a situation arises. Plus anything similar that would be interesting, but also helpful and useful.

Learn to drive - Yeah, I can't drive yet. The idea of being in control of such a big machine that can cause so much damage is terrifying to me. But the independance it would give me. I really should learn.

Travel more - I'm not one of those people who wants to sit beside a pool all day reading. I need to be out exploring the country I'm visiting. And though I don't consider "travelling" to be my kind of thing, I have been inspired by Lili of Lili's Reflections, a US book blogger who is studying in London for five months, and using every opportunity to have weekend breaks throughout Europe while she's here - check out her travel diary. I'd like to see more of the world, so more holidays, please.


To have a classy, beautiful nude photoshoot - At first glance, you'd think this is more do-able than not. But really, I'd want my photos taken by the amazing Josefine J├Ânsson, a photographer from Sweden. I have been a huge fan of Josefine's ever since a self-portrait was used for the cover of Entangled by Cat Clarke, and I've even interviewed her twice (here and here). I'm such a massive fan. Josefine is currently focusing on alternative photoshoots, and I don't even know if you can hire her for personal photos. But I think she's great. And getting her to take my photos (if that is possible) would be requiring to go to Sweden, pay her for taking them, but also paying for the copyright to the photos (again, if she would even sell them), just so the photos would be mine and not used or seen anywhere else. Because I'd want these photos for myself, for my own body confidence, and not to go on a website, or to be bought to use in advertising or marketing or whatever. Just mine. And I don't know if that is something Josefine would be ok with, if, as I said, she even takes personal photos. So not so likely, maybe.

To road-trip around Ireland - This is another item that sounds pretty do-able, but not the way I'd want to do it. I would want this road trip to last for months. I'd want to take my time visiting the little towns, staying for days in each place, and falling even more in love with that beautiful country. It would require a hell of amount of time, and a whole lot of money. I can't see this happening unless I win the lottery or something.

So that's my list! I will be updating this as time goes by.

What do you think of what I've listed? What items are on your bucket list? Is there is anything you'd suggest I add?

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