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UPDATED on 25/05/18.

Here on Jo Scribbles, your safety is taken very seriously. The privacy policy in the link below is affective 25th May 2018 and outlines the types of personal information received and collected by and how it is used.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy linked to in the button above is created by As part of the free service, the button contains a tracker. Read Iubenda's Privacy Policy.

Here are a few other things I wish to make you aware of.

Cookie Consent

I have created a cookie consent banner through As part of the free service, it includes a tracker. Insites is a registered trademark of Silktide Ltd. Read Silktide's Privacy Policy.


I use a Bloglovin' widget to enable you to follow Jo Scribbles via Bloglovin' and have my updates sent direct to your inbox. To do so, you must follow by entering your email address. When using the widget, Bloglovin' may collect the following metadata about you: unique identifiers, the geo-location, whether you are currently logged into, and the url of this blog, where the widget is located. Bloglovin' also tracks the page load where the widget is located and any clicks on the widget. Bloglovin' may also correlate your use of this blog with your Bloglovin profile. Do read Bloglovin's Privacy Policy.

Stats Counter

I use Bravenet's Counter and Live Stats service to track and record visitor traffic to my blog, and provides detailed traffic reports. Bravenet uses your IP address data and a browser cookie to determine if your visit is unique, if you are a returning or a first-time visitor, and also tracks your page views. It stores some basic information for the purposes of determining site traffic. The information Bravenet stores is your location and which sites referred you to my blog, if applicable, and your IP address and host. Do read Bravenet's Privacy Policy.


The comment form for is the inbuilt commenting form that comes with the blogging platform, which enables you to comment through a platform you already have an account with. To comment, you log in in through Google, LiveJournal, Wordpress, TypePad, AIM or OpenID. Doing so will show readers of your comment your username for the account you logged in with, and a link to your profile on that platform. There will also be a date and time stamp along with your comment.

Please DO NOT include personal information in any comments on my posts. You never know who is checking out my blog and can see your information. If any personal information is posted in the comments, I will delete the comment for your own safety - but I can't guaruntee that it will be deleted before someone else has seen it. Because of this, so you're not using your own/full name, I suggest using a Blogger or Google ID to create an online persona.

Collecting Information From Children

Jo Scribbles is not aimed at anyone under the age of 16. I do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 16.

If parents/guardians have any concerns about this blog or your child has provided personal information, please contact me at onceuponabookcase[at]gmail[dot]com.

For your information, you may want to check out these sites on children's online protection:
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule
The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

You might also be interested in reading Comparitech's post, Protecting Children's Privacy Online - A Guide For Parents, Carers and Educators.


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